Lobbying is about having the right team of advocates with an in-depth understanding of politics and the legislative process. That’s where we come in.  Our job is to work with all members of the Legislature, Governor’s office, agency officials and industry stakeholders to accomplish your organization’s goals.  The team at SGR has provided consistent results regardless of which political party controls the branches of government.   Based on your needs, we can provide any or all of the following services:

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“I’m more impressed with them than what I see in D.C., where their level of service is not as good and their price is higher.”

“They are thorough; competent with strategy and writing.”

“The firm will come to me when they are thinking of something before it reaches the Legislature.”

“They are as good as any other in the States. Compared to all the others in the U.S., they are still at the top.”

“I would give them a 6 (for problem-solving, on the survey’s 5-point scale), if I could.”

“Their service is at a drop of a hat. If I need a letter, they are immediately available.”