Public perception and the opinions of lawmakers are key factors in trying to pass or defeat legislation or agency rules.  Our team has expertise in messaging and in public and media relations, and also in managing full-scale communications campaigns through specialized consultants.  From basic talking points, legislative handouts or testimony, to media advisories or press releases, we help clients frame persuasive messages to impact the public and lawmakers.

Success Stories

Wisconsin was part of a nationwide effort to update states’ voter registration and technology systems. We worked with a team of elections experts at a national think tank to lobby the Wisconsin Legislature to pass online voter registration and to join an electronic registration information system.  As part of our efforts, we enlisted the help of a professional communications firm to educate Milwaukee talk radio, which helped persuade the Legislature to pass the legislation.

Our firm is engaged in keeping the public accurately informed about the impacts of a multi-year government construction project in ways that earn public trust and support, including a focus on surrounding communities that will be affected. Our goal is to ensure that information from public officials, engineers and public relations consultants is consistent, correct and informative.