State and local governments award billions of dollars every budget cycle through government contracts, grants and appropriations.  Our firm is experienced with each process, whether at the legislative level, agency level or through other entities.  We have successfully positioned many organizations to win, renew or challenge existing contracts.

Success Stories

The team at SGR helped an international lottery client win consecutive contracts in 2003 and 2016, enabling the client to maintain its successful partnership with the state. Through initial discussions with the Department of Revenue (DOR) on developing the contents of the Request for Proposals and collaboration with leaders at the Department of Administration (DOA), we helped our client maintain its business with the state and improve the state lottery system.

A consortium of engineering clients was pursuing a large contract with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and sought our team’s assistance. We helped them position themselves with DOT leadership and other key decision-makers to secure one of the state’s largest highway engineering projects. To date, the project is lauded as one of the most successful in Wisconsin history, finishing both on time and under budget.