Our team begins with an in-depth discussion to develop a detailed strategy tailored to your organization’s policy goals or challenges.  This process can include drafting legislation or rules, building opposition to existing proposals, providing regular reports on legislative or media activity, educating industry stakeholders, and developing and managing political action and conduit funds.

We are dedicated to monitoring all aspects of the Wisconsin legislative process.  Each legislative cycle, more than 1,500 bills, 400 proposed administrative rules and hundreds of budget amendments are proposed.  If it affects you or your industry, we track it.

Whether a situation calls for defending, amending or drafting legislation or rules, our team ensures that you have the tools needed to execute your strategy.

Success Stories

A healthcare trade association representing practitioners across the state was seeking a scope of work modification, the first of its kind in the nation. Our team of lobbyists worked with key committee members and staff, regulatory officials and leaders of various healthcare groups to build support among lawmakers, the public and coalition partners. Despite strong opposition from one of the state’s most influential medical groups, we were able to get the legislation enacted and put Wisconsin on the forefront of this nationwide effort.

A national corporation operating in Wisconsin targeted the state to pursue a tax exemption for its manufacturing maintenance business. Schreiber GR Group went to work engaging trade groups, small and large employers and vendor partners from all parts of the state. The legislation was required to pass through the usual standing committees, as well as two additional committees because of its fiscal impact and the creation of a new sales tax exemption. Our team navigated the process, secured a bipartisan committee vote, and facilitated favorable editorials from major news publications to win the legislative and public support needed to pass the bill.