We have a strategic partnership with former Milwaukee Alder Mike D’Amato.  Many of our clients have retained Mike to successfully impact local ordinances and decisions in the County and City of Milwaukee.  Policy made at the local level can greatly impact businesses and organizations, and since Milwaukee is the state’s largest city, opportunities and challenges often begin there.

Success Stories

When a local corporation wanted to invest $100 million in a new hotel project, they turned to Schreiber GR Group to gain approvals in a timely manner. Mike and the SGR team helped guide the project through the entitlement process – City Plan Commission, Zoning Committee and the Common Council – by accessing their relationships with elected officials and city staff. Whether it was edits to the building design, or other obstacles in the process, our added value was able to help deliver a major development project that was on-time and on-budget.

Nationwide telecom utility providers have been descending upon cities across the country to deploy new technology solutions that will increase data speeds for mobile phone customers. In order to coordinate with the City of Milwaukee and nearby municipalities, these companies turned to the team at SGR.  Mike utilized his intimate knowledge of the local legislative and permitting process to help guide these clients through the cumbersome process of using public rights-of-way while creating new processes to help speed the issuance of permits. Navigating through both the legislative and administrative bureaucracy is our specialty.